Tournament Challenge update

As of 5:30 p.m. ET Monday, there were 2.27 million brackets already entered in ESPN.com's Tournament Challenge game. There were 6.45 million total brackets entered last year.

Most of the general trends have stayed the same since last night's report. Louisville is still the most popular pick to win it all, followed by Indiana and Miami (the only three teams over 10 percent).

-- Most popular picks to win it all:

1. Louisville: 20.9 percent

2. Indiana: 16.8 percent

3. Miami: 11.4 percent

4. Kansas: 8.5 percent

5. Duke: 8.4 percent

6. Ohio State: 6.1 percent

7. Gonzaga: 5.6 percent

8. Georgetown: 3.6 percent

9. Michigan: 3.1 percent

10. Michigan State: 2.9 percent

11. Florida: 2.8 percent

12. Syracuse: 1.7 percent

(No other teams above 1 percent)

Worth noting: New Mexico State is the least popular team to win it all, according to our game.

-- Ohio State is still the only non-No. 1 seed to reach the Final Four, according to our users. Here are the teams predicted to reach Final Four:

Midwest Region

Louisville: 51.1 percent

Duke: 24.4 percent

Michigan State: 15.3 percent

West Region

Ohio State: 42.6 percent

Gonzaga: 27.0 percent


Kansas: 34.1 percent

Georgetown: 25.0 percent

Florida: 16.7 percent

Michigan: 14.6 percent


Indiana: 44.3 percent

Miami: 36.9 percent

-- There is still only one seed upset predicted by our users: 9-seed Missouri over 8-seed Colorado State (65.9 percent for Missouri). The closest matchup overall is still 6-seed UCLA over 11-seed Minnesota (52.9 percent for UCLA).

"Closest" potential upset picks by seed

9 over 8: Missouri (65.9 percent) over Colorado State

10 over 7: Cincinnati (45.5 percent) over Creighton

11 over 6: Minnesota (47.1 percent) over UCLA

12 over 5: Oregon (40.4 percent) over Oklahoma State

13 over 4: South Dakota State (7.5 percent) over Michigan

14 over 3: Davidson (12.4 percent) over Marquette

15 over 2: Florida Gulf Coast (2.3 percent) over Georgetown

16 over 1: Western Kentucky (0.1 percent) over Kansas

-- You can't pick the First Four games on Tuesday and Wednesday in the game, but the winner of the 11-seed game (between Middle Tennessee and St. Mary's) is picked to win in the Round of 64 in 12.6 percent of brackets, while the 13-seed game winner (between LaSalle and Boise State) is picked to win five percent of brackets.