3-point shot: Priceless night for RMU

1. The NIT gets criticized for being the junior varsity. But the importance of the games can have a lasting effect. The Robert Morris home game against Kentucky will do more for RMU than had the Colonials been a 16 seed and lost in Dayton. The Robert Morris-Kentucky game was the game to watch Tuesday night. Those highlights will be something for the program to build off of and use for a year. The NIT did the right thing in rewarding conference champs that didn’t get an automatic bid. The quirk in Kentucky hosting the NCAA tournament meant the Colonials and the NEC got a home game for the ages. You can’t put a price tag on what this means for RMU.

2. One of the most interesting storylines in the next few weeks will be with the Kentucky underclassmen who aren’t ready for the NBA but could still be drafted on potential. The Wildcats would likely have a scholarship issue if they all returned. But that could easily take care of itself through natural attrition. Some of the current players simply may want more playing time somewhere else if they lose their playing time to the younger crew coming to Lexington next season.

3. Here’s something for inside baseball guys like me. The Big East was prepared to do an 18-team Big East tournament in 2014 had no one left early this season. And the tournament would have started on Monday. How about that. Also, one odd thing that has occurred is the Big East was helping St. John’s in hosting the NCAA tournament at Madison Square Garden in 2014. But now the Big East isn’t the Big East anymore so the conference office that used to be the Big East that is now looking for a name can’t really help St. John’s since the Red Storm aren’t in the conference starting in the fall. Got it? So if St. John’s wants help in hosting it will need to get it from the new Big East employees who haven’t been hired yet.