Tournament Challenge update

Quick update: We were up to 6.86 million Tournament Challenge brackets as of 12:50 a.m. ET Thursday, which has already surpassed last year's total of 6.45 million.

The percentage of brackets picking Indiana to win it all has crept up in the past day, possibly due in part to President Barack Obama picking the Hoosiers to win it all in his bracket. It's now up to 17.7 percent; it was in the 17.0 percent range in the latter part of Wednesday.

Also, Obama's predicted title-game matchup of Louisville versus Indiana is now picked in 14.5 percent of brackets (up from 13.8 percent earlier Wednesday). It is the most popular final matchup in the challenge.

Top picks to win it all:

  • Louisville: 21.9 percent

  • Indiana: 17.7 percent

  • Miami: 10.9 percent

  • Kansas: 8.4 percent

  • Duke: 8.0 percent

  • Ohio State: 6.2 percent

  • Gonzaga: 5.6 percent

  • Georgetown: 3.5 percent

  • Florida: 3.0 percent

  • Michigan State: 2.9 percent

  • Michigan: 2.7 percent

  • Syracuse: 1.6 percent