1,238 perfect brackets remain

After the first day of games, there are 1,238 perfect brackets out of 8.15 million entered in Tournament Challenge.

In the biggest upset of the day, 14-seed Harvard beat 3-seed New Mexico. Just 5.6 percent of brackets picked that upset, the second-most popular of the 14-seeds (Davidson, which gave Marquette a scare, was picked in 14.3 percent of brackets).

New Mexico had been picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 19 percent of brackets and the Final Four in 9.1 percent of brackets.

Both 12-seeds beat 5-seeds on Thursday. 25.3 percent of brackets picked Cal over UNLV, while 41.7 percent of brackets picked Oregon over Oklahoma State. 13.1 percent of brackets picked both Cal and Oregon to win their games.

Another notable result from today's action is that both winners of the 8-9 games were decided underdogs, according to our users. 9-seed Wichita State was taken in 31.9 percent of brackets in its game against Pittsburgh, while 8-seed Colorado State was taken in 35.2 percent of brackets to beat Missouri. Only 11.6 percent of brackets picked both teams to win their games.

President Obama went 10-6 on Thursday. He missed his alma mater Harvard upsetting New Mexico (which was a Sweet 16 pick), both 12-seeds, both of the 8-9 games and an upset pick of Belmont over Arizona. He sits in the 26.9th percentile.

Links to notable brackets and their first-day records. Many of our ESPN personalities and other celebrity brackets can be found here.

President Obama: 10-6

Dick Vitale: 11-5

Joe Lunardi: 9-7

Mike Greenberg: 11-5

Mike Golic: 12-4

Michael Wilbon: 8-8

Tony Kornheiser: 10-6

Colin Cowherd: 11-5

Scott Van Pelt: 9-7

Ryen Russillo: 8-8

An all-chalk bracket (picking all the higher seeds): 12-4.