Halftime: Tennessee 38, Ohio 27

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- I’m not surprised Tennessee is up 38-27 at the half.

I thought if one game went this way Saturday, it would be this one. Sorry Ohio, but I didn’t think you had a chance in this game much like I didn’t believe in the Bobcats prior to the Georgetown game. Ohio played magnificently in the win over Georgetown. But the Bobcats have played into Tennessee’s hands by trying to push tempo.

Let’s not forget that Tennessee beat two No. 1 seeds in Kentucky and Kansas this season. The Vols are a quality club that should advance to the Sweet 16 and have played much more of their game in this one than in the grinder against San Diego State.

The Midwest was considered the toughest bracket and yet Tennessee wasn’t mentioned much as a possible trouble spot for Kansas. Kansas coach Bill Self did note last week the two teams that beat KU were in this bracket. Oklahoma State is already out. Tennessee would have to get to the Elite Eight.