Tournament Challenge: Round of 64 update

Through the round of 64 in Tournament Challenge, the best showing among our 8.15 million brackets is a 30-2 record, shared by five brackets. Another 107 are a game behind at 29-3. There are no perfect brackets, nor are there any brackets with just one loss. (Note: The leaderboard on the Tournament Challenge game and Bracket Bound app says four are tied for the lead. The fifth bracket is ineligible to win a prize in the game and thus is not included on the leaderboard.)

On the other end of the spectrum, there's one bracket that got just one game right and seven that went 5-27 over the first round.

Notes on biggest upsets:

  • Florida Gulf Coast over Georgetown: This upset busted the final perfect bracket in the field. Not surprising, since only 2.3 percent of brackets picked the upset. And just 2,354 brackets have the Eagles winning it all. Meanwhile, Georgetown was picked in 23.5 percent of brackets to reach the Final Four and 3.5 percent to win it all.

  • La Salle over Kansas State: Just 6.1 percent of brackets had the Explorers winning over Kansas State, including President Obama. At the time, the win dropped the number of perfect brackets from 59 to two. Exactly 1,600 brackets have La Salle winning the national championship.

  • Ole Miss over Wisconsin: Just 20 percent of the brackets picked 12-seed Ole Miss over 5-seed Wisconsin. The Badgers were a popular pick to reach the Sweet 16 (54.7 percent of brackets); they also were picked to reach the Final Four in 9 percent of brackets. President Obama had Wisconsin reaching the Elite Eight.

  • All three upsets: 46,674 brackets picked all of the biggest upsets from the round of 64: Florida Gulf Coast, Harvard and La Salle.

  • No. 12 seeds: 3.7 percent of brackets correctly picked 12-seeds Ole Miss, Cal and Oregon to win in the round of 64. (1.2 percent picked all the 12-seeds to win, including Akron, which was routed by VCU.)

  • Ole Miss vs. La Salle: 2 percent of brackets correctly predicted that 12-seed Ole Miss would meet 13-seed La Salle in the Round of 32.

President Obama's bracket

The president finished the round of 64 with a 20-12 record. He lost two Elite Eight teams in Wisconsin and Georgetown (and a Sweet 16 team in New Mexico yesterday), but did correctly predict La Salle's upset over Kansas State. He sits in the 37th percentile heading into the round of 32.

Round of 64 records

President Obama: 20-12

Dick Vitale: 21-11

Joe Lunardi: 20-12

Mike Greenberg: 23-9

Mike Golic: 22-10

Michael Wilbon: 18-14

Tony Kornheiser: 20-12

Colin Cowherd: 22-10

Scott Van Pelt: 19-13

Ryen Russillo: 19-13

An all-chalk bracket (picking all the higher seeds): 22-10