Tournament Challenge: What a Shock

Just 1,882 brackets out of 8.15 million in Tournament Challenge got all eight games correct on Saturday. According to our leaderboard, there are three brackets tied for the lead (all three went 28-4 in the round of 64 and a perfect 8-0 Saturday).

The biggest bracket-buster was Wichita State, picked in 3.3 percent of brackets to reach the Sweet 16. A whopping 2,776 brackets have the Shockers winning it all. Meanwhile, Gonzaga had been picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 83.6 percent of brackets, 27.2 percent to reach the Final Four and 5.6 percent to win it all (seventh-best total).

As for another surprise of the day, 12-seed Oregon was picked in 15.5 percent of brackets to reach the Final Four, by far the highest total among 12 seeds. (Saint Louis had been picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 53 percent of brackets.) Overall, 14.3 percent of brackets correctly predicted a Louisville-Oregon matchup in the Sweet 16.

Also, 29.4 percent of brackets had Arizona going to the Sweet 16, the second-best number among 6-seeds (Butler was taken in 37.9 percent of brackets).

All together, 16,983 brackets (0.2 percent) picked Arizona, Wichita State and Oregon to reach the Sweet 16.

President Obama's bracket

The President went 5-3 on Saturday and has 300 points, good for the 61.3 percentile overall. However, he's already lost five Sweet 16 teams and an Elite Eight team.

Notable brackets (Saturday's record, points, percentile)

President Obama: 5-3, 300, 61.3

Dick Vitale: 4-4, 290, 48.9

Joe Lunardi: 4-4, 280, 37.0

Mike Greenberg: 3-5, 290, 48.9

Mike Golic: 5-3, 320, 84.1; had Oregon in Sweet 16

Michael Wilbon: 3-5, 240, 8.0

Tony Kornheiser: 4-4, 280, 37.0

Colin Cowherd: 3-5, 280, 37.0

Scott Van Pelt: 4-4, 270, 26.6

Ryen Russillo: 5-3, 290, 48.9

All-chalk bracket (picking all the higher seeds): 5-3 today