Home Court: Sunday wrap

A week ago, I believed I had it all figured out.

Moments after the Selection Sunday pairings were announced, I began to compile my annual "10 bold predictions" column.

So I analyzed the bracket. Consulted the mountains of research that streams from Bristol each day. Scoured KenPom.com. Checked the RPI and the BPI.

I looked at strength of schedule and top-100 wins. Scrutinized the best and worst wins of teams I trusted and those I didn't. And then, I went with my gut.

My projections included a claim that the Pac-12 would go 0-5 in the NCAA tournament and Marshall Henderson would fail to lead Ole Miss past Wisconsin.

Oh, it gets better.

I picked Middle Tennessee to reach the Sweet 16.

Today, my list of predictions belongs in the same fire pit as my bracket, which slotted Georgetown as a Final Four squad and Wisconsin as an Elite Eight team.

It has been only a week. But everything that seemed reasonable and practical and possible has been questioned and reconsidered. By me. By you. By all of us, really.

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