Andy Enfield, the 'Dunk City' shot doctor

Andy Enfield had a cushy job and a nice living in the New York financial world, but somehow, he knew everything was supposed to lead back to basketball.

The kids started counting the makes while the man kept on talking.

One in a row, two in a row, five, 20 -- with each swish Andy Enfield never lost his train of thought, never interrupted his dialogue with the kids who quickly were hanging on his every word.

"He's shooting left-handed, making shot after shot and backing up further and further and the kids are all cheering," said Don Woodring, a high school girls' coach who witnessed Enfield in action. "Then all of a sudden, after he's making one after another at halfcourt, he stops and says, 'Oh by the way, I'm actually right-handed.'

This was about 16 years ago -- or around the same time that Enfield's current employer was opening its campus doors -- at a tiny public high school in New Jersey that you wouldn't go searching for unless you had to.

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