Tournament Challenge: Upsets take toll

Just 990 total brackets out of 8.15 million in ESPN's Tournament Challenge correctly predicted all four of Thursday's winners: Syracuse, Marquette, Ohio State and Wichita State.

The two upsets in the East Region wiped out the second- and third-most-popular picks to win it all. Indiana was taken in 17.9 percent of the 8.15 million brackets to win it all (including President Obama's). Miami was picked in 10.7 percent of brackets to win the championship. 73.7 percent had Indiana winning in this round, 72.7 percent for Miami -- the second- and third-most-popular picks to reach the Elite Eight. (81.8 percent of brackets have Louisville reaching the Elite Eight). In fact, a whopping 55.4 percent of brackets had the Hoosiers and Hurricanes meeting in the Elite Eight.

Meanwhile, just 2.9 percent of brackets picked both Syracuse and Marquette to reach the Elite Eight (19.1 percent for just Syracuse and 13.3 percent for just Marquette). Interestingly, more brackets had 4-seed Syracuse reaching the Final Four and winning it all (8.1 percent/1.5 percent) than 3-seed Marquette (3.7 percent/0.45 percent).

As for the West Region, just 0.3 percent of brackets predicted the Ohio State-Wichita State matchup in the Elite Eight, but that's because just 0.8 percent of brackets had the Shockers reaching this round in the first place, compared to the 68.1 percent for the Buckeyes. Looking ahead to the regional final, just 19,157 brackets (0.24 percent) have Wichita State in the Final Four, compared to 44.2 percent for Ohio State, the most popular pick from the West at the start of the tournament.

Looking ahead to Friday's action, here are the percentages of brackets picking these potential Elite Eight matchups.


Louisville-Duke: 41.1 percent

Louisville-Michigan State: 34.6 percent

Duke-Oregon: 0.8 percent (61,086)

Michigan State-Oregon: 0.6 percent (50,060)


Kansas-Florida: 25 percent

Kansas-FGCU: 3,930 total

Michigan-Florida: 10.7 percent

Michigan-FGCU: 2,418 total

President Obama's bracket

The president lost his overall champion when Indiana fell to Syracuse. He still has his other three Final Four teams alive (Ohio State, Kansas, Louisville). He currently ranks in the 66.2 percentile but that number will go down as the tournament continues.

Notable brackets (Final Four teams left/overall champion/game percentile)

President Obama: 3, Indiana, 66.2

Dick Vitale: 3, Louisville, 58.1

Joe Lunardi: 2, Louisville, 81.9 -- picked Syracuse over Indiana

Mike Greenberg: 3, Louisville, 58.1

Mike Golic: 3, Louisville, 81.9

Michael Wilbon: 2, Georgetown, 15.7 -- has Syracuse in Final Four

Tony Kornheiser: 2, Indiana, 50.0

Colin Cowherd: 1, Miami, 15.7

Scott Van Pelt: 3, Ohio State, 42.4

Ryen Russillo: 1, Miami, 19.6

All-chalk bracket: 2, Louisville, 81.9