Tournament Challenge: Elite Eight update

Just 19 brackets out of 8.15 million in the Tournament Challenge correctly predicted all of the Elite Eight teams. On Friday 4.2 percent of brackets got all four winners correct (Louisville, Duke, Florida, Michigan), compared to the 990 total from Thursday's games.

Michigan's win over Kansas did knock out 8.3 percent of brackets that picked the Jayhawks to win it all (fourth-most popular pick overall). Meanwhile, 2.7 percent of brackets have the Wolverines going all the way. Michigan's Elite Eight opponent, Florida, ended the Cinderella run of Florida Gulf Coast. The Gators were picked to reach the Elite Eight in 42.0 percent of brackets and the Final Four in 20.4 percent of brackets. A total of 10.7 percent of brackets correctly predicted the Florida-Michigan Elite Eight matchup, including President Obama's.

Louisville's win over Oregon means the most popular pick to win it all (21.9 percent) is still alive. A whopping 52.6 percent of brackets have the Cardinals going to the Final Four. Meanwhile, 41.1 percent correctly predicted Louisville facing Duke in the Elite Eight, the only matchup correctly predicted by more than 3 percent of brackets. It's also the only 1-seed versus 2-seed matchup in the Elite Eight.

Thanks to a number of upsets in the Sweet 16, Duke is now the second-most popular team to win it all of those brackets with a champion still alive (7.9 percent). However, the Blue Devils now face the popular Louisville Cardinals.

Percentage of brackets taking Elite Eight teams to Final Four/Championship Game/Winning it all

Louisville: 52.6/39.7/21.9

Ohio State: 44.2/14.0/6.2

Duke: 23.4/16.4/7.9

Florida: 20.4/6.9/3.1

Michigan: 13.3/4.9/2.7

Syracuse: 8.1/3.5/1.5

Marquette: 3.7/1.3/0.45 (37,057)

Wichita State: 0.24 (19,157)/0.08 (6,540)/0.03 (2,776)

Potential Final Four combinations with number of brackets predicting such matchups

Ohio State/Syracuse/Florida/Louisville: 24,129

Ohio State/Syracuse/Michigan/Louisville: 15,991

Ohio State/Syracuse/Florida/Duke: 11,611

Ohio State/Syracuse/Michigan/Duke: 9,664

Ohio State/Marquette/Florida/Louisville: 7,771

Ohio State/Marquette/Michigan/Louisville: 4,643

Ohio State/Marquette/Florida/Duke: 3,695

Ohio State/Marquette/Michigan/Duke: 2,583

Wichita State/Syracuse/Florida/Louisville: 53

Wichita State/Syracuse/Florida/Duke: 50

Wichita State/Syracuse/Michigan/Louisville: 47

Wichita State/Syracuse/Michigan/Duke: 47

Wichita State/Marquette/Michigan/Louisville: 30

Wichita State/Marquette/Florida/Louisville: 29

Wichita State/Marquette/Michigan/Duke: 26

Wichita State/Marquette/Florida/Duke: 26

President Obama's bracket

While the president's choice of Indiana to win the national title won't happen, he still got five of the Elite Eight teams, including correctly predicting all four winners tonight (Louisville, Duke, Florida, Michigan), and three of his Final Four. He's actually now in the 94.9 percentile.

Notable brackets (number of Elite Eight teams correct; national champion; percentile)

President Obama: 5, Indiana, 94.9

Dick Vitale: 3, Louisville, 55.5 -- picked Michigan to reach Elite Eight and Final Four

Joe Lunardi: 5, Louisville, 90.2 -- had Michigan meeting Florida in Elite Eight

Mike Greenberg: 3, Louisville, 55.5

Mike Golic: 4, Louisville, 90.2

Michael Wilbon: 1, Georgetown, 5.2 -- only team still alive is Syracuse

Tony Kornheiser: 3, Indiana, 49.6

Colin Cowherd: 1, Miami, 10.6 -- only team left is Florida

Scott Van Pelt: 2, Ohio State, 24.9

Ryen Russillo: 2, Miami, 24.9

All-Chalk bracket: 3, Louisville, 73.6