Tournament Challenge: Final Four update

Just 1,820 out of the 8.15 million brackets in ESPN's Tournament Challenge correctly picked Syracuse and Wichita State to reach the Final Four. Individually, 8.1 percent of brackets had Syracuse in the Final Four, while just 19,157 brackets (0.24 percent) had Wichita State reaching the Final Four.

Also, just 2,776 brackets have Wichita State winning it all (1.5 percent of all brackets have Syracuse winning the title).

Looking ahead to Sunday's games, the four teams playing are all reasonably popular picks to reach the Final Four:

Louisville (52.6 percent), Duke (23.4), Florida (20.4), Michigan (13.3)

However, despite all the popular picks playing Sunday, the number of brackets that will have an entire Final Four correct is going to be very low.

Potential Final Fours

Wichita State/Syracuse/Florida/Louisville: 53

Wichita State/Syracuse/Florida/Duke: 50

Wichita State/Syracuse/Michigan/Louisville: 47

Wichita State/Syracuse/Michigan/Duke: 47

President Obama's bracket

The president lost his second Final Four team when Ohio State fell to Wichita State. His bracket now sits in the 91.7th percentile. His other two Final Four teams (Louisville, Florida) are playing on Sunday.

Notable brackets (national champion; percentile)

President Obama: Indiana, 91.7

Dick Vitale: Louisville, 52.9

Joe Lunardi: Louisville, 86.7

Mike Greenberg: Louisville, 52.9

Mike Golic: Louisville, 86.7

Michael Wilbon: Georgetown, 20.2

Tony Kornheiser: Indiana, 47.3

Colin Cowherd: Miami, 10.1

Scott Van Pelt: Ohio State, 23.8

Ryen Russillo: Miami, 23.8

All-Chalk bracket: Louisville, 70.4