What's the buzz for the Final Four?

The survivors, those who've persisted toward Atlanta for the Final Four and a shot at the national title, are diverse.

There's the Big Ten team that's not the Big Ten team many expected to see there. And the Kansas school that believes in the code of the WuShock, not the Jayhawk.

The Big East's best team is still thriving. But Louisville's conference colleague, Syracuse, is coming, too. They're all different. Their styles, their systems, their paths.

But there's a similarity that can't be overlooked as we prepare for the final chapter of the 2012-13 season. They're all led by elite quarterbacks (point guards).

Trey Burke, Malcolm Armstead, Michael Carter-Williams and Peyton Siva are savvy leaders who've demonstrated their value throughout the NCAA tournament.

Armstead has been a catalyst for Wichita State on both ends of the floor. The NBA draft stock of Carter-Williams has risen in this tournament. Burke did amazing things for Michigan throughout the regular season, and then he did things in the Big Dance that we're still trying to process. Siva is the maestro of a balanced Louisville team that's toyed with some of the best squads in the country for the last two weeks.

They're all here. They're all vital.

No, they won't do it alone. They can't.

Still, their teams will not fulfill their national title dreams unless they're productive in Atlanta. They know that. But it's a responsibility they've all proven they can handle in the postseason.

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