O'Neil: Emmert defiant, but does he get it?

ATLANTA -- One of the most common complaints about the NCAA is that the organization lacks teeth and backbone, that it is a feckless group of 98-pound weakling bureaucrats trying to wrestle a collegiate athletic elephant.

But there was nothing feckless or passive about the group's president, Mark Emmert, when he held his annual state of the union on Thursday afternoon at the Final Four.

Equal parts defiant, combative and downright snippy, Emmert got as close to a verbal tête-à-tête with the media as maybe anyone in NCAA history.

But while the tenor of the news conference was entertaining -- when it wasn't mind-numbingly boring thanks to an opening filibuster that ran 17 minutes and 2,756 words -- it didn't offer any cures to what ails the NCAA.

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