O'Neil: Kevin Ware is the talk of Atlanta

ATLANTA -- Kevin Ware was everywhere and nowhere on Friday afternoon.

The placard bearing his name meant to hang above his locker stall instead was stuck on a wall between the lockers and refrigerator and above a wheelchair. Team manager Travis Hackert was sitting in the chair on Friday morning, mostly because Ware wasn't around.

"He was sitting right here yesterday," Hackert said of the wheelchair set up. "He loved it."

The injured Cardinal and the talk of this Final Four was back in the team hotel, finally crashed out from a whirlwind media tour that included about every major television network and an appearance reading David Letterman's Top Ten -- No. 8, Hey look, my tibia!

Ware was supposed to take part in Louisville's media session with best friend, Chane Behanan, for what could have been a nice little Abbott & Costello routine, but he practically fell asleep in his dinner the night before and the team medical staff tucked him in for the day.

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