Q&A with former Pac-12 official Ed Rush

Former Pac-12 coordinator of officials Ed Rush agreed to a question-and-answer session Friday night in response to the allegations made by a number of officials in the Pac-12 to ESPN and other media outlets.

The former long-time NBA official resigned from his position Thursday, after one season in the job.

Why did you joke about offering money and a trip to officials to enforce the rules in a meeting of the officials during the Pac-12 tournament?

Ed Rush: "I would call it stupid. I've done a lot of dumb things. This was top 10."

Why did you resign 48 hours after Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said the comment wasn't a fireable offense?

"He didn't tell me to resign. He and I talked about affecting positive change. I felt bad what I was putting him through. I'm fine. I felt bad about all the energy that he was putting out to do damage control. I said something that was inappropriate and ill-timed. This doesn't feel good. That you're having to talk about this over and over again. We have to talk about whether I can be effective going forward.

"We barely made the changes. We made a few. I managed (former Pac-12 coordinator Bill McCabe's) staff. We were ready to make some dramatic changes that we thought would be good for the game. But to do that, we would have to have the 12 coaches believe in what we were doing. If you change the faces and get greater productivity. It takes a little while to change the faces. They're used to seeing the same people. We thought it was time for us to move on. We were going to move on. I was going to get together individually and collectively. We were working on putting this together and grading and integrity of the group. It was pretty neat. It was most dramatic change.

"We had the people in place. We had a plan in place. They were going to have to be real supportive. I felt it would be too difficult to do it based on the climate. I was going to have spend all my time getting back to the level of trust.

"I needed those guys to buy in and to me it was going to take the entire summer to just get back to square one and then at that point I didn't want to manage Bill's staff again and stand pat. It was one of those things where I love working with the D-League guys and (Division II) coached football for eight years and I missed it. I thought this would be better."

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