3-point shot: Uncertainty reigns at Rutgers

1. We all jump ahead on coaching searches as soon as someone is out and Rutgers is no exception. But this situation is unique. It's hard to project for certain if Rhode Island's Danny Hurley, Lakers assistant Eddie Jordan or anyone else is the favorite when the school has no athletic director. It would be tough for any coach to leave a good situation with so much uncertainty. Hurley, as reported by Sports Illustrated and SNY earlier in the week, has been negotiating a contract extension with the Rams. While nothing is ever certain, see Steve Alford, Hurley isn't sure he wants to move to a third job in three seasons. To assume he would automatically go home to New Jersey would be wrong. Leaving his players at URI, much like his decision to bolt at Wagner, would be a tough call for him. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Rutgers search drag on for a while as the whole situation remains fluid.

2. Wichita State athletic director Eric Sexton said Saturday night he is negotiating to continue the seven-year rollover contract with head coach Gregg Marshall. He also said he will likely stuff the contract with new incentives. Marshall has a great deal in Wichita and is essentially king of the mountain there. He now has the best job in the Missouri Valley Conference with the departure of Creighton to the new Big East. Marshall is no fool. He won't leave for a job that wouldn't put him in a winning situation and he doesn't need to go to a program that is rebuilding. I wouldn't be surprised to see Marshall stay at Wichita to make another run.

3. Washington's pickup of UNLV's Mike Moser won't be official until he finishes the spring semester and graduates. Moser technically has to apply to a graduate school at Washington, but if all goes according to plan, then the Huskies would get a much-needed rebounder. The problem is the Huskies will be young on the perimeter. Still, this will give Moser a chance to really shine on his own. If he has the potential to be a star then he will be given a chance in Seattle.