Chane Behanan and the cast of Cardinals

ATLANTA -- Chane Behanan's near-strip tease on the elevated floor of the Georgia Dome began with an honest mistake.

As his teammates snipped down the nets to commemorate the program's first national championship since 1986 on Monday evening, a reporter asked Behanan to confirm his listed weight of 250 pounds.

Behanan -- who contributed 15 points, 12 rebounds and 7 offensive boards -- rejected that description and joked about removing his jersey to prove his point.

"Nah, I'm 240. Who says I'm 250? You want me to take this shirt off?" he said.

That's Chane Behanan.

He's the guy Rick Pitino banned from interviews, part of a suspension for an undisclosed matter that occurred at the beginning of the season.

He's the sophomore who suggested that Pitino should get a tattoo of his name after the Cardinals' 82-76 win over the Wolverines.

He's the man who said he wanted to "chill with my mama" postgame; the kid who sang "I've got money on mind" when he entered the locker room to speak with the media.

He's the gregarious one who spontaneously howled into the microphone as he waited for the postgame news conference to begin, the one who predicted an undefeated season for the Cardinals when he was just a freshman.

He's the forward who sat down with his hat cocked and his feet stretched across the podium as though it were a love seat, while his teammates stood and waved on the podium as they accepted the national championship trophy.

And he's also the player who told Pitino that he had no reason to worry about Monday night. He's the second-year man who ruined Michigan's goal of winning its first national championship in more than 20 years because he hurled his tight end frame around the paint and confiscated loose balls.

On Monday night, the laid-back kid from Cincinnati was both the star and the jokester his teammates and coaches embrace.

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