Luke Hancock shearing beard for a cause

Luke Hancock was the biggest story of the Final Four, and not just because he played outside of his cranium in the most important moments of Louisville's title run. The story of Hancock's father, who was seriously ailing with an undisclosed illness but made the trip to see his son play the biggest and best games of his life, was the most emotionally resonant arc of the postseason.

Now Hancock and teammate Stephen Van Treese doing a little offseason health prevention charity work -- for the benefit of cancer research and the American Cancer Society, specifically -- in one of the simplest ways possible: shaving.

Per the Relay for Life page set up here, you can donate to Hancock, Van Treese and the rest of the Cardinals in advance of Wednesday afternoon's "Shave For Life" event, which will begin at 5 p.m. ET, following guard Russ Smith's announcement on his NBA decision. Kentucky's WAVE TV caught up with Hancock and got visual of the beard pre-shearing, which Hancock has been growing out all April. I must say, it is looking rather ... questionable. Then again, as someone who convinces himself his neck beard looks good just so he can be really lazy about shaving, I wouldn't dare criticize.

(Hat tip: Le /r/CollegeBasketball)