Evaluating 10 crucial draft decisions

Decisions, decisions. The official NCAA draft deadline is just so NCAA, isn't it?

Two years ago, when the organization made its NBA draft withdrawal deadline almost comically early, it did so to appease coaches who proposed they shouldn't have to spend the spring signing period wondering whether their former star player was going to be former or not. They wanted to know right away.

So the NCAA moved its deadline up to abut the spring signing period, and prospects who used to have months to gather as much information as possible in advance of their life-changing professional decisions could just, you know, suck it up.

The only problem? The NCAA's early entry deadline means nothing. Instead of declaring for the draft and then withdrawing in a week's time, many prospects have essentially ignored the NCAA deadline altogether, staying quiet until the NBA's declaration deadline -- the one that matters, on April 28 -- forces their hands. Their ability to officially gather information (from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee, most notably) is lessened, but they do get a bit more time to mull their personal stakes, stare at Internet draft boards, see what their coach is hearing and, sure, work a few back channels, too.

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