Brennan: Wait was well-worth it for Kansas

Andrew Wiggins maintained a clandestine approach to his recruitment, but there's nothing secret about the 2014 potential of his choice: Kansas is right back in the driver's seat. Eamonn Brennan writes:

According to its website, Canada's version of the Central Intelligence Agency (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) is "at the forefront of Canada's national security establishment, employing some of the country's most intelligent and capable men and women."

The CSIS has become a modern spy agency -- spending most of its time working to prevent North American terrorist threats.

If only it could offer an NBA salary.

On Tuesday afternoon, the best high school basketball player on the continent -- the most hyped prospect since LeBron James, and probably the best, too -- proved he is not only possessed of otherworldly basketball gifts but also a preternatural ability to keep the world from knowing a singular piece of information.

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