Watercooler: Is Big Ten still the best?

Eamonn Brennan: Hello again, Myron, and greetings from a decidedly summer-y Chicago. We have been commissioned to discuss a conference with which we are both intimately familiar: The Big Ten. Specifically: What is the Big Ten's outlook for the coming season? These are the pressing questions of our day. They beg definitive answers.

Everyone agrees the Big Ten was the best conference in the country last season. Frankly, I'm not sure we've had a league that was so feted before the season live up to expectations so thoroughly. At various points, including in March, as many as five Big Ten teams looked like genuine national title contenders, and that doesn't include the pre-meltdown Minnesota Gophers.

The question is how much of that strength will roll over to the new season. At first glance, the league looks like it will be less top-heavy, with fewer obvious national title contenders or favorites, while also being a tad deeper. Your thoughts?

Myron Medcalf: What's up, Eamonn? It's never too early to talk Big Ten basketball.

As you mentioned, there were stretches when Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin all appeared capable of pursuing collegiate gold. It's always a stacked league. But the quality within last season's Big Ten was stunning. Elite teams and consistent depth throughout the conference ...

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