Gregg Marshall recruits the trick shot baby

Recalling old Internet memes can be difficult. Why? Because at this point "old Internet meme" can refer to something that happened 48 hours ago. In that span, we the Internet horde, will swarm an initially gripping viral entity, feast until full, agree we've all had enough, brand what we just saw an "old meme," and collectively agree to never speak of it again. (There are some people who think faux-cluelessly bringing up old memes is funny; this act is in and of itself an old meme. It's confusing, I know.)*

Some memes rise above. Which brings us, of course, to the trick shot baby.

You remember the trick shot baby, yes? Back in the spring, video of a 24-month-old kid named Titus Ashby draining basket after Fisher-Price basket activated all of the Internet's pleasure nodes. It racked up 11 million-and-counting YouTube views, was shared millions of times, and took the Ashby family from their home in Derby, Kan. all the way to the "Today Show."

Now, Titus is back. He's still firing trick shots, and still being utterly adorable after every make. Only this time, his video features appearances from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall. Enjoy.

A few thoughts here:

1. Is Trick Shot Titus now the world's most famous Titus? Will Mark Titus release a diss response video in an attempt to watch his throne?

2. Is Titus going to be the sports world's first Justin Bieber?

3. I have to admit that when I first saw Titus in action, a small part of me really hoped his ability wasn't the product of insane parenting. Now that we know (jokingly, of course) that Titus isn't allowed to have breakfast until he completes his morning workout regimen, all of my worst fears are confirmed.

4. Every time Titus's father, Joseph Ashby, celebrates with his darling family, I also like to think a small part of him is celebrating the fact that he sired the future Tiger Woods of basketball. Retirement plan secured!

5. As Marshall is informed in the final moments of the video, Titus will not be eligible to play college basketball until 2028. I hear you, Gregg. That made me feel old too.

*This is why I think you can make the argument that the Harlem Shake -- hey, guys, remember the Harlem Shake? -- is the greatest meme of all-time. Somehow, the profoundly weird and amusing act of vaguely coordinated dancing to an obscure house track not only escaped the darkest corners of the Internet and exploded into the mainstream culture ... it managed to last for, like, a month. Heck, people are STILL posting Harlem Shakes! In meme time, that's Kareem Abdul Jabbar-level longevity.