Cal's new court is pretty great

Were you to ask a random sample of college basketball fans which courts are in worst need of a redesign, Cal wouldn't be a common answer. The Bears' court at Haas Pavilion was hardly revolutionary, but that's kind of why it worked. It was simple. In an age of half-court-line-sacrificing designs occasionally inspired by colored pencils, Cal's design was a refreshing bit of classical taste, at least to the extent that it was noticeable in the first place. It was just, you know ... a basketball court. This is a compliment.

Apparently, Cal was dissatisfied with this arrangement. Instead, in the wake of the April unveiling of a "new brand identity" -- including new uniforms and newly emphasized Bear mascot logo -- Cal decided its semi-decennial floor refinishing was as good a time as ever to redesign the court, too. This time lapse video released Monday showcases the finished product:

And you know what? That's pretty great! I was fully ready to jump on the Bears for turning their admirably simple floor into a silhouetted monstrosity, but I have to say the design works pretty well. I mean, there is a big ol' bear in the middle of the court, but compared to some of the court design ideas floating around these days -- and compared to some of the gigantic mid-court logos that have plagued the game for decades, Cal's new design seems restrained by comparison. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. What say you?

(Hat tip: David Harten)