Let the Andrew Wiggins lore begin

For all of the unseemly and uncomfortable things recruiting throws our way -- the scrutiny of teenage decision-making, the third-party runners and hangers-on, the existential questions we have to ask ourselves about exactly how much we should allow ourselves to care about 15-year-old basketball players -- there is one aspect that makes it immensely fun: You never know. The best and most widely touted prospects occasionally show up to the college game woefully unprepared; relatively under-the-radar players (see: Trey Burke) end up changing a program's next decade. No matter how well-scouted the country's best players are, there is still a enough variability in outcomes that it always feels like anything is on the table.

Which brings me, as usual, to Andrew Wiggins. Perhaps no prospect in the past decade -- at least since Greg Oden and Kevin Durant in 2006-07 -- is considered as much of a sure thing as Wiggins; anything less than a dominant freshman season at Kansas will, on some level, be considered a disappointment. And yet, for all of the YouTube clips and and hours of scouting, it remains entirely possible that Wiggins will be merely very good, or even (gasp) just OK. There are no foregone conclusions in recruiting.

On Saturday, Wiggins arrived in Lawrence, Kan., and soon thereafter participated in his first practice and workout session with the Jayhawks. How did it go?

This is from CBS' Gary Parrish:

"Wow!" the source said. "Like watching a video game. He'd be the No. 1 pick this year."

This is from SNY's Adam Zagoria:

Kansas source on @22wiggins' 1st practice Monday: 'Best athlete that we have ever been around.'

Sounds like it went pretty well, huh?

Impressions from a first practice aren't much to go by, but they're what we'll have to go on from now until early November, which is a brutally long time until Wiggins' official unveiling. The supply of impressions from his workouts at Kansas won't come anywhere close to matching the demand for news about his game. It can't. It's not possible. So I expect this will only be the first in a long stream of tidbits flowing from Lawrence over the next month, which are sure to range from the mundane to the mythical; by September, Wiggins will be in Paris co-producing a follow-up to "Yeezus." Consider yourself forewarned.