A dozen things I'll remember

Before we get really caught up in the next round -- and here's a Sweet 16 primer that will help you do just that -- let's at least digest what we witnessed those first four days. It was a memorable start to the tournament and here are just a dozen things (in no particular order) that will stick in my memory:

1. Northern Iowa's Ali Farokhmanesh making the wide-open dagger of a 3-pointer to ice top-ranked Kansas.

2. The expression on the faces of the KU players after the stunning defeat at the hands of UNI.

3. Michigan State's Korie Lucious burying a 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat Maryland in the second round.

4. Ohio, the ninth seed in the MAC tournament, hammering Georgetown by 14 in the tourney's first 3-14 upset in four years.

5. Murray State's Danero Thomas making the buzzer beater to beat fourth-seeded Vanderbilt.

6. BYU's Jimmer Fredette scoring 37 in a double-overtime win over Florida in the first round.

7. Wake Forest's Ish Smith burying a buzzer-beater to finally put Texas out of its misery.

8. Purdue's Chris Kramer converting a layup to knock out Texas A&M in overtime to advance to the Sweet 16.

9. Mickey McConnell of Saint Mary's burying a 3-pointer off glass to ice the win over Villanova in the second round.

10. The post moves, the presence, the chatter that Saint Mary's Omar Samhan provided everyone in Providence.

11. Robert Morris nearly beating Villanova and the uproar over the end-of-game officiating as Nova won the game in overtime.

12. Farokhmanesh burying a shot to beat UNLV in the first round. How he outdid that one two days later was even more impressive.