From poverty to pros: Ben McLemore

WELLSTON, Mo. -- Poverty knows no boundaries.

The rubble on some of the streets makes it seem like you are driving through a war-torn land in the Middle East. But when you walk through the neighborhood, meet the people who are putting together their lives day by day, and interact with the families and friends of Ben McLemore, you realize there is hope here -- especially for the youth.

The people of Wellston have all rallied around McLemore's cause. They knew he and his siblings were hungry. They were well aware that his single mother was working late into the night. They talked about his brother, Keith Scott, who is five years into a 15-year prison sentence for armed burglary, as if he were the one who had the most basketball talent.

They all want to see McLemore succeed in the NBA.

The question for McLemore is: How will he handle his hometown and his family going forward?

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