Stevens' exit a blow to college game

At 5:40 p.m., my editor left me a voice message that ended with this line, "Brad Stevens, next coach of the Celtics."

Nineteen minutes later and I'm still trying to wrap my arms around that sentence. The last time I was this gobsmacked shocked was … well, I honestly don't know.

You could have told me I was the new Celtics coach and I'd be less stunned.

In trying to pen a reaction column, my reaction seems perpetually stalled at, "Wait, what? Brad Stevens is going to coach the Celtics? Did I time-travel? Is it April 1st?"

(An aside, the next time I have a secret to keep, I'm telling Stevens or Danny Ainge. Not even Edward Snowden could pry info out of these two, apparently.)

Well, I believe my reaction is summed up pretty simply, if not with prose that Grantland Rice would admire:

This stinks.

This stinks for college basketball. It stinks because Stevens is one of the good guys, respected, liked and admired by his peers and even the media. And trust me when I say the number of coaches who hit for that cycle is an extremely short list.

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