Medcalf: Mid-majors focused on survival

Realignment's avalanche continues to morph collegiate athletics.

The Big East still exists, but it's not your father's Big East. Or even your older brother's Big East. The ACC is a superpower with Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse and Louisville (2014) joining the conference.

Maryland and Rutgers are on their way to the Big Ten.

And it'll take some time to grasp the makeup of the new American Athletic Conference.

But the high-profile shifts have masked the monumental reshaping in some of America's off-the-radar conferences.

The powerhouse programs are treated like elite free agents as they're courted by powerful suitors.

For many of the mid-major schools affected by the tidal wave, however, survival and stability have been the only goals.

The following programs were essentially left in the rubble of realignment. Now, they must prepare for a new day in a new league.

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