Wait, Coach K has an iPhone app?

Believe it or not, yes, he does.

I'll be honest: I read this post from Frumpzilla with some measure of incredulity. Chewbacca theme music? Green Bruce Bonner-looking avatars walking around New York City? Coach K taking you to some of his "favorite destinations?" What?

Usually, when athletes or coaches build iPhone applications, they do so as a way of embedding a tiny subject-specific news hub in your smartphone. It's everything there is to know about, say, Chad Ochocinco, without having to go to a third-party sports news application or, heaven forbid, a browser window. Avatars typically have nothing to do with it. So what on Earth was Coach K doing with his name on this application? It had to be unlicensed. Or maybe it was fake. Something seemed weird here.

But, no, it appears to be above board, as this video from "momentummedia" on YouTube shows. It's Coach K introducing his iPhone app. And, yep, the whole visiting cities thing is totally in there.

Who else is incredibly confused?