Patric Young might have a future in football

Were he not 6-foot-9, Patric Young would look 100 percent at home on a football field. That's always been Young's most immediately obvious asset: physique. He is the closest thing the college game has to Dwight Howard, a guy who is not only relatively athletic for his size but appears to have been cut out of stone at some point in high school.

Young's game has never quite matched the implications of his stature. In some ways, that's unfair; Young has been a very solid player for three years at Florida, and we knew 10 years ago that projecting an athlete's performance based on whether or not he "looks like a player" is sort of silly. Young's also spent most of his career playing the supportive rebound-and-kickout role to volume shooters like Erving Walker, Kenny Boynton and Mike Rosario. With Scottie Wilbekin and Kasey Hill in the backcourt now, there's a good chance the 2013-14 season will be Young's official breakout. And despite all that, the dude's shoulders still make you think he should average 20 and 10. They are both gift and curse.

In any case, the NBA is sure to come calling next summer. But as the above video shows, after a decade of basketball players-turned-tight ends taking to the new pass-first NFL with gusto, Young might just be the prototype. Just throw the ball up and let him catch it! That's how football works, right?

(Hat tip: Norlander)