Mike Garrett doesn't want to be on selection committee

Not that we're aware anyone was asking or that his team would have been in the discussion this year, but USC athletic director Mike Garrett blogged that he wants no part of the NCAA selection committee.

Many athletic directors sit on the tournament selection committees, but it's something I have never done, nor will ever do in the future. I'm here to win and be involved in the lives of our student-athletes, and for someone with tunnel vision like me, it's not best for our program if I sit on committees that consume such time and take me away from my No. 1 job. I'm into helping and educating our student-athletes -- not being a cog in a bureaucracy.

That bureaucracy, of course, recently sent its infractions committee to question Garrett and others in his department regarding alleged violations -- including those related to O.J. Mayo that led USC to self-impose sanctions and ban itself from the postseason.

Garrett also insisted that none of the players or members of his department would be participating in NCAA tournament pools.

Gambling is gambling. There have been several notable examples of college athletic department employees who have broken this rule, and we're fortunate we have those examples to teach us all that the only way to do it is the right way. So our athletes and staff must act like Trojans and do the right thing, because it's not worth jeopardizing eligibility or damaging reputations over a few dollars in a tournament bracket.