Aaron Craft no longer on the market

I don't mean this as a pejorative, but Aaron Craft is that guy.

You know that guy. While most college-aged males are barely one evolutionary step above zygotes, there is always that super smart, focused guy you know who knew he wanted to be an accountant or whatever by age 10. Said dude is always finished with his credits and pursuing a master's degree by junior year, at which point he starts his own small business, participates in a wide range of campus activities, volunteers at the local dog shelter and saves enough money to buy his high school sweetheart (or whomever) an engagement ring, because he just can't wait to settle down and start a family in his medium-sized midwestern hometown. He parties, too, but never too much. His shirt is usually tucked in. He has real silverware in his apartment, which is always clean. You really want to hate him, but you can't, because he's way too nice.

Everybody knows that guy.

Ohio State's rising senior point guard has long verged on "that guy" status. Not only is Craft a very, very good college basketball player -- probably the best perimeter defender in the country for each of his three (very successful) seasons, as well as a more-than-capable floor general and team leader -- he is also quite possibly the highest-achieving student-athlete in college sports. In 2012, he received the NCAA's Elite 89 award, which is "presented to the student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade-point average participating at the final site for each NCAA championship," when he clocked in with a 3.89 GPA. Last summer, he was still openly bugging about the lone B he received in college, during a freshman chemistry class. ("It's a humbling thing. A sad day in the Craft household," Craft told SI.com last August. "It reminded me that not all is going to be handed to me." That left Craft's GPA at 3.87, "which is ridiculous, because it needs to be rounded up.")

The summer of 2012 was also the one in which Craft, miffed at having surgery to clear up bone spurs in his foot, found an academic silver lining: “The best thing about it is, he’s got two ‘bear’ classes right now, molecular genetics and physics," John Craft told the Columbus Dispatch last June. "The one, he is in class for four hours Tuesday through Friday, and he tells me he enjoys it because he can sit in the front of the classroom and put his leg up on a chair and not have to move around."

In other words, it was not exactly surprising to see the news -- broken in true muckraking fashion by Cleveland.com Tuesday -- that Aaron Craft has decided to make his That Guy status official. He is now engaged to be married.

That tweet comes from the @CRAFTroomies Twitter account, which broke the news to nearly 10,000 followers, many of them disappointed female fans. And yes, @CRAFTroomies really does appear to be a Twitter account run by Aaron Craft's roomies; covering Craft's every move -- waiting for the bus on his "last first day of school,", his excitement about NSYNC's Video Music Awards reunion, his affinity for stars and stripes bandanas and his casual grilling prowess, among many others. At least, I hope the account is actually run by Craft's roommates. That would be really creepy if it wasn't.

Anyway, point is, the cycle has been completed. Aaron Craft -- star basketball player, academic whiz-kid, and now fiance -- is officially that guy. As his dad told Cleveland.com last summer, "He just marches to the beat of a different drummer." Godspeed, Aaron. When you run for your Senate seat, we'll say we knew you when.