Halftime: Kentucky 32, Cornell 16

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- What were your thoughts when Cornell opened up a 10-2 lead? Well, mine were that this is a good start but it almost seemed surreal. Jeff Foote was playing well by controlling the early post play. Ryan Wittman hit a 3-pointer. All looked good.

Until DeMarcus Cousins started to re-assert control of the post and the pressure got amped up to another level as the Wildcats started to force turnovers.

  • And then it was off to the races. How can you not like Kentucky's fast break? Cornell simply got run over by a truck.

  • Kentucky was taking high-percentage shots, making 14-of-28, a lot of them layups. When you're streaking out on the break it doesn't matter that the Wildcats only made two 3s.

  • Cornell can't win by making only a pair of 3s.

  • You have to credit Kentucky's ability to share the basketball. The Wildcats did a tremendous job of complementing each other with 11 assists on 14 field goals.

  • The crowd was rocking early when Cornell had the lead. But the Kentucky faithful were loudest when the Wildcats went on that menacing 30-6 run to close out the half.

  • In an NCAA tournament full of upsets we might actually get a chalk Elite Eight in Syracuse with Kentucky vs. West Virginia in a 1 vs. 2 matchup.

  • If you watch the Wildcats, do you start to think at times of UNLV from the early '90s? Sometimes it's hard not to think that the Wildcats look the part.