Brice Johnson trying to eat it up

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The text messages North Carolina strength and conditioning coach Jonas Sahratian sends sophomore Brice Johnson don't occur frequently, but he has developed a sort of sixth sense about the timing.

Sahratian is tasked with helping Johnson, a 6-foot-9 forward, tack on weight to his slight build. He's prepared a daily regimen of six meals for Johnson. They're all smaller portion sizes, but Sahratian knows the Orangeburg, S.C., native has a tendency to skip one or two of them.

That's why he sends a text reminder. It takes little thought to compose and even less time to comprehend.


"When I first got here, Jonas put me on a six meals a day plus a couple of snacks kind of plan," Johnson said. "I really didn't follow it because, I don't know, I was just being a hard head."

Sahratian can prove to be just as stubborn. Johnson hasn't deteriorated to the point where Sahratian will make him take pictures of his meals, like he did for former center John Henson. And Johnson doesn't yet have to record a food log of what he eats, as freshman Kennedy Meeks does.

It could get to that point. But for now, whether morning, afternoon or evening, when Sahratian feels Johnson is slipping or to make sure that he doesn't, he'll just fire off a text.


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