Is it time for Gordon to Starr?

Before there was John, Paul, George and Ringo in a little group known as the Beatles, a guy named Pete Best pounded the drums for the Fab Four. He was canned before the Beatles became a worldwide sensation and so lives on now as merely a fun little historical footnote.

Wondering where I’m going with this?

Well, Aaron Gordon isn’t quite the Forgotten Beatle, but when you look at the Fab (Basketball) Four Class of 2017, he’s definitely the most overlooked.

The West Coasters will blame it on East Coast bias, and for sure, Arizona’s late tip times don’t help.

But the truth is, unlike Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Andrew Wiggins, Gordon hasn’t put up the big numbers consistently to get him noticed.

Right now Gordon is the only of the quartet that doesn’t lead his team in scoring, which is as much a nod to the Wildcats’ depth, ball sharing and talent. Unfortunately, games are based on numbers and numbers are how players are judged.

That doesn’t mean Gordon is any less talented, not by a long shot. He’s toe to toe with everyone in his class, but the casual observer is less likely to know his name than those of his classmates.

That could change on Friday night when Arizona faces Duke in the final of the Preseason NIT. It’s the Wildcats versus the Blue Devils, another terrific early game between top-10 teams with heavy Final Four potential.

But in this, the year of the freshman, it will be billed (fairly or not) as Gordon versus Parker. Ultimately who wins the game matters most, but the game within the game will no doubt get just as much attention.

So if Gordon comes into the World’s Most Famous Arena and stars and more, shines even brighter than Parker, he’ll no longer be Pete Best, side note to history. He’ll be Ringo.

A Starr.