A helpful lesson in spelling Coach K's name

Ask any reporter who covers college basketball generally or Duke specifically for a living, and they'll tell you: Coach K's name takes a while. Let me tell you my story: I've been writing about this sport I love for this web site for four years now. I wrote elsewhere before that. And I would say it was only within the past 12-18 months that I became rote in my ability to type "Mike Krzyzewski" without really having to think about it. That's not an exaggeration. Before then, I just Googled "mike k" and pasted the robot's response.

OK, so maybe that says a lot about my relationship with the Internet. (What?! It's like a preemptive double-check! Don't judge me.) But it also says something about Coach K's name -- that something being that the nickname "Coach K" exists for very good reason.

For further evidence, I present this rather hilarious ESPN footage, in which our TV folks invited a host of ACC players to an impromptu spelling bee. Could they get the iconic coach's name right? No. No, they could not.

Joe Harris, you lose points for stopping at K. Nick Faust, you gain 4,000 points for an apparently good-faith attempt that brought you to K-R-E-Y-S-C-H-E-W-I-Z-Z-L-E, which looks like a mix of "Kreayshawn" and how Snoop Dogg Lion would spell it.

In any case, Coach K's lesson is helpful. The tricky part is the Z-Y-Z. Once you get that down, well, he's right: You should be able to do it. After 964 wins, the man deserves that much.