Afternoon links: What Houston lost

  • How did Oregon guard Joseph Young get to Eugene? Whence did this versatile, efficient perimeter player materialize? It wasn't thin air, though Ducks fans might be feeling the magic. It was Houston, where, this summer, Young's father, Cougars icon Michael Young, got into a rather public spat with coach James Dickey, who had attempted to reassign the elder Young away from his position as director of basketball operations and into a more ceremonial role. Naturally, Joseph Young left with him, and Michael Young told the Houston Chronicle this "made a statement to me that he can't play for a coach that doesn't want his dad to be a part of the staff." Maybe Dickey should have just let Young keep his title. The ensuing firestorm was bad enough, but now Young is a Pac-12 player of the year frontrunner, and, as Rush The Court outlined Friday, long-suffering Houston fans are left wondering what might have been.

  • Oh, and more good news for Oregon fans: Athletic freshman forward Jordan Bell has qualified academically and can now join the Ducks, according to the Oregonian.

  • Baylor is probably going to play a lot of zone against Kentucky Friday (10 p.m. ET, ESPN, I'm a company man), because by and large that's what Baylor does. How does John Calipari feel about that? "My feeling is they'll play 95 percent zone. They're like us. They're so long, you're not getting the looks you think you'll get in that thing. "Against man we don't seem as cohesive as we do against a zone," Calipari said. "You can't just come down and make a play. You have to pass-pass, drive. I really don't care if people play zone. It makes us come together. ... We're playing off one another way better."

  • Speaking of the Baylor-Kentucky men's-women's doubleheader at The House that Jerry Jones' Ego Built, the whole idea came together in the matter of one dinner, according to Kentucky.com. Calipari and Baylor women's coach Kim Mulkey should, I don't know, work on the federal budget next.

  • Hey, Wichita State fans: If you are not disabled, do not park in the disabled spots on game days. Not cool, bros and broettes. Not cool at all. This has been your College Basketball Nation public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Friday.