Afternoon Links: Using Noah Vonleh

*What we’re reading while we finally see if friends want to help us find the white whale. Submit links via Twitter.

  • Inside the Hall’s Seth Hendrickson ran a regression analysis on Indiana’s usage of Noah Vonleh and found that not only has Vonleh’s usage dipped throughout individual games, it has been decreasing as a share of Indiana’s offense steadily throughout the season. This is probably counterproductive. “Indiana loses its focus of getting the ball to Noah as the game goes on. By comparison, neither Michigan State for Adreian Payne nor Iowa for Aaron White show the same trend in similar analysis. Each of these teams is much more consistent in getting their big man the ball. … [Meanwhile] the Hoosiers have, on the whole, been worse at finding Vonleh on the offensive end as the season has progressed. While Vonleh’s usage percentage was very high at the start of the season, the Hoosiers have clearly struggled to maintain consistency as the competition gets tougher and the scouting report becomes more focused on IU’s star freshman.”

  • Remember that great Duke-Syracuse game? Sure you do! Well, it turns out a couple of Duke fans — whose story was corroborated by a nearby Syracuse supporter — are less than pleased with an “overzealous, foul-mouthed” security guard at Saturday night’s game, who apparently harassed them before throwing them out at the start of overtime. Not cool, bro. “Michael Younis has been a season ticket holder for 11 years. He and (Duke fan) Gilman were razzing each other good-naturedly throughout the game, he said. ‘I never heard her say anything or do anything that was belligerent,’ Younis said. ‘She wasn't cursing. She wasn't drunk. (The security guard) just kept coming over and saying stuff.’ Younis said he's never seen a security guard behave the way this one did. This particular security guard was overzealous,’ Younis said. ‘I don't think they should've been thrown out, and I think it was his fault.’” This story had a lot of comments on Syracuse.com, because of course it did. So there was an editorial from the paper, and a round-up of fan opinions on the matter , most of which seem to think the Syracuse guard stepped over the line (sorry), some of which take the removed intellectual view that haha Duke fans got kicked out too bad for them. The debate rages on!

  • When Fred Hoiberg (who got his first-ever win at Gallager-Iba Arena Monday night) was hired, he replaced Creighton coach Greg McDermott, who left the Cyclones for the Bluejays in the midst of a mostly unsuccessful run in Ames, Iowa. McDermott himself replaced longtime Creighton coach Dana Altman, who took the open job at Oregon. Three years later, things have worked out pretty well for everyone.

  • In case you were one of those “social media people” criticizing Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis for scheduling Georgetown at Madison Square Garden Saturday (a game the Spartans lost), Tom Izzo has a message for you: shut your yap.

  • Utah has lost five conference games by a combined margin of 15 points. Larry Krystkowiak doesn’t have a good answer for why, but the Utes are absolutely to be feared down the stretch. ““I wish I could come up with something great for you, but it really comes down to making a couple of plays in the road games. It’s right there in front of us. We’ve got a lot of plays that we need to make. We need to gain some confidence. We need to win on the road and kind of get that monkey off our back. We all know the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda.' We could be right up in the thick of things with some plays one way or the other. We can’t control that. What we can control is the games that lie ahead of us and I think we’re in a good place. We’ve got five at home, four on the road and then the tournament.”