Afternoon Links: When you were young

What we’re reading while we use a Windows PC for the first time since 2005. Submit links via Twitter.

  • After Kentucky's loss, A Sea of Blue takes a deep, considered breath following Saturday's disappointing home loss to Florida, and thinks about where the Wildcats stand statistically and developmentally.

  • The Big Ten coaches teleconference is typically a pretty short affair -- coaches are typically allotted no more than 10 minutes apiece. Indiana coach Tom Crean probably works in more sheer content in that frame than any coach in the league. Here he is from Monday's news conference, two days after Indiana's drubbing at Purdue, on his young Hoosiers' offensive struggles: "Coaches are playing the percentages, or lack there of, of some of our other players shooting. So we have to keep the game in movement. ... That is where the screening has to be great. We are not reading back cuts as well as we should be. We are not reading some of the open gaps. And what happens is when guys that are used to getting the ball and having the defense centered around them – especially the young guys – when that isn’t happening because the defense is not respecting what you do, then you really have to go and be creative."

  • It isn't often that leagues apologize for officials. When's the last time it happened twice in the same weekend? On Monday, the Pac-12 admitted to ESPN.com's Andy Katz that it had "missed the call" when it failed to assess a technical foul against Jahii Carson for hanging on the rim with 0.5 seconds left in Arizona State's 68-66 double-OT win over Arizona. Worse was the announcement out of the ACC, where senior associate men's basketball commissioner Karl Hicks acknowledged to the Washington Post that an "administrative error" was made when Duke got one extra second-half possession arrow at the 16:58 mark. Whether either call would have changed either outcome is up for debate, but the Terps have a better case, and also, really, ACC? "Administrative error?" That's what you come up with?!

  • Our own Joe Lunardi has a brand new Bracketology edition for you to freak out about, complete with some helpful background explanation over at Insider.

  • If you wanted a recap from the 2014 media mock selection selection exercise, the NCAA has a pretty good by-the-numbers recap here. I'm still mad I missed a chance to eat at St. Elmo's. Hrmph.