Afternoon Links: Rick Pitino v. Internet

What we’re reading while we point you in the direction of this afternoon's Spreecast. Submit links via Twitter.

  • "Every hour, it's like taking a little bit of poison," Pitino said of social media during an appearance Wednesday on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike.” "It poisons their minds. "I think technology is a great thing in many instances, and I think it's poison in others, and for people in sports especially. … We as parents and teachers, we want our children, we want our players to communicate, to articulate a message, to get in front of a human resources person and articulate their passion for wanting a job. We're losing our abilities to communicate, especially young people today." As loathe as we are to engage in any sort of debate about “social media” — the very term is like nails on a chalkboard — let’s go ahead and agree that Rick Pitino is half-right. He’s wrong about the communication stuff and right that the Internet can put you in touch with thousands of terrible people on a daily basis, if you let it, which is not good for your brain. It’s just not. Twitter is kind of the worst! Everybody is shouting at each other! Imagine being one of those people who spends all day using that thing, arguing and one-upping and showing off constantly. How could you not go a little bit crazy? And this is coming from someone who uses Twitter a lot. Ugh.

  • In 2012, after leaving a characteristically awesome voicemail message, Rick Majerus called Oregon Live’s Brian Canzano back. When they talked — mostly about -then-forward and Oregon native Brian Conklin’s Academic All-American award — Majerus also updated Canzano on the state of his Billikens program. He made a proclamation: "We'll be a Top 10 team in about three years. I did it at Ball State, did it at Utah, and we're going to do it here." This week, the Saint Louis Billikens won their 17th-straight A-10 game and, on Monday, entered the top 10 for the first time since 1964-65. Even cooler? Monday’s poll was released on Feb. 17 — Majerus’ birthday.

  • This week, ESPN’s Andy Katz reported Arizona is leading a charge to make s new rule change that would curb end-of-game court-stormings. (Both times the Wildcats have lost this season, at Cal and Arizona State, they’ve been prematurely overrun by fans, who then had to be ushered off the court before the game could finish.) The Seattle Times’ Bud Withers follows up: “Arizona wasn’t saying a whole lot about the report Tuesday. Athletic director Greg Byrne didn’t return my text message, and Miller was taciturn on the subject when asked, saying, ‘I’m sure our conference will take a long look at how to improve it, and will take the next step.’”

  • “Dwyane Washington beat Boston College 30 years ago with The Shot. Here's the story, in his words.”

  • Canisus star Billy Baron’s pregame routine — “Ice bath, and watch Stephen Curry highlights for an hour” — is amazing, and fitting, as Rush the Court writes.