Syracuse still No. 1 in latest Bracketology

The obvious question of the day -- "Why is Syracuse still the No. 1 overall seed?" in the latest Bracketology update -- has a bunch of little answers instead of one simple explanation. So let's break it down:

  • Somebody has to be at the very top of the bracket, and my take is the committee would not view the loss to Boston College as anything more than a one-game blip.

  • The timing of the loss is really irrelevant. Had this game come in November and the Orange then rolled off 25 or so consecutive wins, we wouldn't be having the conversation. Syracuse would be the top-ranked team in the country and No. 1 overall in every bracket.

  • There is no clear-cut successor at this point. Fellow one seeds Florida and Arizona each have two losses (albeit to better competition), and neither is markedly better than the Orange in terms of their overall body of work.

  • I have Wichita State at No. 4 overall, again based on overall body of work, so the Shockers are not (yet!) in position to make a claim for the very top spot in the field. As an aside, I would give the Shockers the same benefit of the doubt as a top-line resident if they were to lose a game and have no obvious successor in line behind them.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Until the next major upset, of course!)