Bubble Watch update: SEC

The bubble does not rest. Here’s what’s happening in the SEC:

With Arkansas eliminated by South Carolina on Thursday, the Razorbacks are stuck in front of the TV like the rest of us, waiting to see if the bubble shakes out in their favor. Some early good news arrived on Friday, when Missouri was blown out by Florida -- a loss that, in both form and function, should officially end the Tigers’ at-large hopes.

Missouri [22-11 (9-9), RPI: 48, SOS: 83]: Frequent Watchers will know we're not big fans of the eye test 'round these parts. Too often, the term is used as a rhetorical catch-all; a vague way of hammering home any point, positive or negative. For Missouri, though, we'll make an exception. On paper, Missouri's win over Texas A&M and loss to Florida looks like a relatively unremarkable trip to the SEC tourney. On the court, the Tigers needed two overtimes to get past A&M and then got drilled by the Gators, 72-49, just a few days after Saturday's absolute demolition at Tennessee. Of course, the committee probably doesn't need the eye test to keep Missouri out; the Tigers' resume looks weak enough to do the trick. But a cursory tape review of this team's abysmal recent outings should seal its NIT fate.

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