Tournament Challenge: Obama vs. field

As of 1:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, there have been 6.97 million brackets entered in Tournament Challenge.

Here are some notes related to President Barack Obama's bracket, which was released earlier Wednesday, in relation to other brackets entered in the game:

  • 14 percent of brackets have Michigan State winning it all

  • 7.8 percent of brackets have Michigan State-Louisville in the title game

  • 9.2 percent of brackets have Final Four of Arizona, Florida, Louisville and Michigan State (the most popular Final Four combination); each team is the most popular pick in its respective region to reach the Final Four

Other notes on his upset picks:

  • 30.5 percent have 12-seed Harvard over 5-seed Cincinnati

  • 22.3 percent have 12-seed North Dakota State over 5-seed Oklahoma

  • 9-seeds Pittsburgh (71.7 percent) and Oklahoma State (66 percent) were already picked by the majority of Tournament Challenge brackets

  • 31.2 percent of brackets have 6-seed North Carolina in the Sweet 16

  • 25.4 percent of brackets have 6-seed Ohio State in the Sweet 16