Tournament Challenge: The sweetest thing

Thanks to a flurry of upsets on Sunday, just three of the 11 million brackets in Tournament Challenge got the entire Sweet 16 correct. Another 99 brackets got 15 of 16 right. It's worth noting that none of the three perfect Sweet 16 brackets is atop the overall leaderboard in the game because of relatively modest scores in the Round of 64. (They all went 26-6 in the first round.)

Here's a look at Sunday's upsets:

10-seed Stanford over 2-seed Kansas

  • The Cardinal were picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 4.1 percent of brackets.

  • 82 percent of brackets predicted Kansas to advance to the Sweet 16, 16.9 percent predicted a Final Four appearance, 5.5 percent penciled them in as National Champions.

  • Stanford will face 11-seed Dayton in the Sweet 16. Just .4 percent of all brackets (45,782) had this matchup, with Stanford predicted to win in 58 percent of them.

8-seed Kentucky over 1-seed Wichita State

  • 29.2 percent of brackets had Kentucky in the Sweet 16, by far the most of any 8-seed; the Wildcats are in the Final Four in 3.3 percent of brackets and selected to win the entire tournament in 1.12 percent of brackets.

  • Wichita State was picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 65 percent of brackets (by far the lowest number of the 1-seeds). However, 5.9 percent of brackets had the Shockers winning it all.

  • Kentucky faces Louisville in the Sweet 16. That matchup was picked in 26.5 percent of brackets, but the Wildcats are picked to win in just 22.7 percent of those brackets.

6-seed Baylor over 3-seed Creighton

  • 26 percent of brackets have Baylor in the Sweet 16, but only 2.7 percent of brackets have the Bears in the Final Four.

  • Creighton had been picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 64.9 percent of brackets, 12.4 percent to reach the Final Four and 1.2 percent to win it all.

  • Baylor draws Wisconsin in the Sweet 16. 20.4 percent of brackets predicted that matchup, with 29.7 percent of those brackets taking the Bears.

11-seed Tennessee over 14-seed Mercer (Not really an upset, but given both are low seeds, the overall numbers are low)

  • 4.9 percent of brackets have Tennessee in the Sweet 16, although only 1.7 percent of brackets initially had a Tennessee-Mercer matchup in this round. Of those brackets picking that game, 50.6 percent had the Volunteers.

A total of 4,086 brackets had all four of Stanford, Kentucky, Baylor and Tennessee in the Sweet 16.

President Obama's bracket

The president ended up with nine Sweet 16 teams and is already down three of his Elite Eight teams (Kansas, Villanova, Duke). However, his Final Four (Arizona, Florida, Louisville, Michigan State) is still intact. He currently sits in the 73.7 percentile.

Previewing the Sweet 16 matchups

South: Florida-UCLA

  • Picked in 54.6 percent of all brackets.

  • Florida picked to win in 89.1 percent of those brackets.


  • Picked in .4 percent of all brackets (45,782).

  • Stanford picked in 58 percent of those brackets.

East: Virginia-Michigan State

  • Picked in 77.3 percent of brackets.

  • Michigan State picked in 67.8 percent of those brackets.

Iowa State-Connecticut

  • Picked in 12.7 percent of brackets.

  • Iowa State picked in 77.8 percent of those brackets.

West: Arizona-San Diego State

  • Picked in 46.7 percent of brackets.

  • Arizona picked in 85.4 percent of those brackets.


  • Picked in 20.4 percent of brackets.

  • Wisconsin picked in 70.3 percent of those brackets.

Midwest: Louisville-Kentucky

  • Picked in 26.5 percent of brackets.

  • Louisville picked in 77.3 percent of those brackets.


  • Picked in 3.8 percent of brackets.

  • Michigan picked in 79.6 percent of those brackets.