Tournament challenge: Saturday update

A total of 12.9 percent of the 11 million-plus Tournament Challenge brackets correctly picked Florida and Wisconsin to reach the Final Four.

Florida was picked to reach the Final Four in 61.9 percent of brackets, by far the most popular team in the game. The Gators are picked to reach the title game in 41.1 percent of brackets and to win it all in 27.1 percent, also best in the game.

Wisconsin was picked to reach the Final Four in 20.7 percent of brackets, the seventh-most overall (Arizona was second most popular to reach the Final Four at 48.8 percent). The Badgers are picked in 5.7 percent of brackets to reach the final game and 2 percent to win it all, both 11th-most popular overall. Also, 2 percent of brackets have Wisconsin and Florida meeting in the title game.

Obama's bracket

The President went 1-1 on Saturday, getting Florida correct but missing Wisconsin. He still has national championship pick of Michigan State alive, with the Spartans playing Sunday. He currently sits in the 75th percentile.

Looking ahead to Sunday and beyond

Brackets picking Sunday's potential winners

  • Michigan State, Michigan: 6.6 percent

  • Michigan State, Kentucky: 1.4 percent

  • UConn, Michigan: 21,618 brackets

  • UConn, Kentucky: 9,801 brackets

Brackets picking the potential Final Four combinations

  • Florida, Wisconsin, UConn, Michigan: 1,975

  • Florida, Wisconsin, UConn, Kentucky: 612

  • Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Michigan: 1 percent (111,435)

  • Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Kentucky: 17,862