Titus punks Ohio State fans on April Fools

Mark Titus is a tremendous jokester, easily the funniest college basketball player of the past few years. You don't build a following the size of Titus' with a blog about your end-of-the-bench exploits without a sense of humor, and Titus certainly has that. Which is a shame for Ohio State fans, actually. Because thanks to Titus' cruel April Fools' Day prank, plenty of them got completely punked.

Titus took to his Twitter feed yesterday to entice Buckeyes followers with an all-too-tantalizing notion: That runaway Associated Press player of the year Evan Turner was leaning toward staying at OSU for his senior year:

Impressed w/ OSU recruits in McD's game last night. With The Villain coming back, they should be preseason #1. I really might redshirt now.

Let me clarify. The Villain hasn't officially decided, but he's hinted to me by saying things like "We're gonna be loaded next year".

He's also hinted by saying "I'm going to stay for my senior year" and "I'm not going to NBA this year". Sorry I drew conclusions from this.

Oh, Titus. You trickster.

Of course, Turner isn't returning for his senior year. Or, if he does, it won't have anything to do with the fake comments Titus posted on his blog yesterday. Turner is the consensus No. 2 -- and possible No. 1 -- overall pick in the NBA draft next year. Returning for his senior season would not only put him at risk of injury, but would mean gambling his financial future on the NBA lockout in 2011. Evan Turner is not staying. Sorry, folks. April Fool's.

Oh, and in other April 1-related clarifications: Ed Davis is not transferring to a different school. Stupid April Fools. For one day of the year, it's almost like you can't trust everything you read on the Internet.