DePaul's latest name: Isiah Thomas

Just about everyone currently employed as the head coach of a major college program has been mentioned, oftentimes unrealistically, in connection with the DePaul coaching job. The reason these rumors are unrealistic is because the DePaul job is about as undesirable as any in the big six power conference today. It's a mixture of bad facilities, unrealistic expectations, and a brutal conference that requires DePaul to recruit and play thousands of miles from home.

That hasn't stopped the cavalcade of names, and the latest might be the most fun: Isiah Thomas. The Chicago Tribune was the first to mention Zeke for the DePaul job Friday, which, given how fast these names keep flying, was probably only a matter of time:

"Isiah also could recruit the Chicago kids. It has always been a fertile area," the source said.

Clearly, someone has given this a lot of thought.

Here's a bummer, though: Florida International is rejecting the report, saying Thomas has no interest in the DePaul job and "intends to remain on the Golden Panthers bench this fall, the source said." After this fall? Who knows. But for now, it appears the Isiah Thomas and DePaul coaching odysseys will continue in parallel universes, where never the 'twain shall meet. Like I said: bummer.