Peg Brand honors her husband's memory

INDIANAPOLIS –- Lucas Oil Stadium is chirping this afternoon with game management, television technicians and photographers setting up for the national semifinals.

But here courtside there was a moment that was so poignant and still.

Walking on the raised court was Peg Brand and her extended family as well as former NCAA public relations director Wally Renfro. They were taking a quiet walk on the court, looking down at the inscription in front of one of the benches for Peg’s late husband, Dr. Myles Brand.

Myles Brand, the late NCAA president, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 67 in September. He was a former Indiana president and this would have been a homecoming Final Four for him with the NCAA headquarters just few blocks away from the stadium.

Peg Brand, who handled her husband’s death with grace, said she just needed to see the court. It was a solemn moment before the 70,000 fans pour into this facility later this afternoon.