Majerus forced to fly commercial, and he's not happy

Rick Majerus is mad as -- well, you know -- and he's not going to take it anymore.

Apparently, Majerus does a weekly radio show every Monday night for St. Louis radio station WXOS, the same station that airs the Billikens' games. Only Monday night, Majerus didn't show up, citing game preparation and charity work as reasons why he couldn't make the broadcast. The only problem with that excuse? Majerus called in and did a 45-minute interview on WGN in Chicago. This has St. Louis fans and media, um, intrigued:

The flap caused by St. Louis University men’s basketball coach Rick Majerus abandoning his local radio show has led to wild speculation in the local media and among fans as to the reason. Theories range from the thought he might be campaigning for the DePaul coaching job to the belief that he’s protesting the SLU administration’s recent decision to drop charter flights for the team in favor of commercial travel. [...] The peculiar transpirings have led to a bevy of talk in the media and online.

This is a week after Majerus announced he wanted to stop doing the radio show, proposing a name change to "The Billikens Show." Most are pegging the cause of Majerus' behavior to SLU's decision to cut charter flights for Majerus, instead forcing the coach to fly commercial. That sounds about right:

"My greatest concern is for my own players academically,’’ he told Ramsey. "Now with this travel schedule, there’s just absolutely no way. You’ve got to get to the airport two (or) 2 1/2 hours early. You’ve got to take early flights. A lot of these places, there’s only one nonstop flight.’’

Waiting for a plane? No non-stop flights? Sitting with ... strangers? Gasp! Positively barbaric! (Barbaric. BARBARIC!)

This isn't the first time Majerus has openly complained about his life at SLU. A few weeks ago, Majerus told media he thought St. Louis' conference affiliation was bad for his team's academics; the long flights to the East Coast to play fellow A-10 teams kept his kids out of the classroom for too long. Majerus was pretty open: He wants to be in the Missouri Valley.

Whatever the fringe concerns, Majerus is getting slightly restless at St. Louis, and all this travel seems to be the reason why. Let's hope Rick's at least flying first-class. Coach can drive sane men to do terrible things, and Majerus is already plenty agitated.